Cut and then stamp with
Cricut® Stamps!

Add another layer of creativity to your projects with Cricut® Stamps. These premium acrylic stamps feature artwork designed to coordinate with exclusive Cricut® images. Cut out a special shape and then stamp it for a perfect match!

Make a great impression

Cricut® Stamps are premium quality and offer consistent ink coverage. This ensures you get crisp, detailed images for a great impression on all your projects.
Stick and stay

Cricut® Stamps offer superior tack compared to other leading brands. The stamps will retain their grip use after use, for the best results on all your projects.

Get your coordinating Cricut® image set

Just go to the shopping cart and enter the promo code on your Cricut® Stamps packaging.


Restoring tack

Over time your stamps may accumulate dirt, oil, and dust and lose their stickiness. We recommend rinsing them with warm water to restore their cling. Never use soap or detergent as this may harm your stamps. Let the stamps air-dry to restore tack.